1951: Inga’s Småkager (later Ingadane) is etablished in Vejle, Jutland
1975: First export order
1986: Ingadane is sold
1986: Hornbech jam factory is acquired
1986: More acquisitions between 1986 and 1996
1987: Dan Labels is established
1996: A production site in Poland is acquired
1997: Streamline Foods in the UK is acquired
2000: JAN Import is acquired
2001: Danisco Foods in Tårs is acquired
2003: Danisco Foods in Norway and Sweden is acquired


2005: Svansø Foods is acquired
2008: A production site in India is acquired
2010: Mammens Emballage is acquired
2012: Schweitzer is acquired
2013: Emballagegruppen is established
2016: Majority of shares acquired in Digitalhuset
2016: Majority of shares acquired in Dalby Mølle
2017: Majority of shares acquired in Strandbygaard Grafisk
2019: Maj Invest acquires the Good Food Group and Emballagegruppen, Digitalhuset, Strandbygaard Grafik and Scandic Food India are separated from the Group.


Excerpt from Vejlebogen (The Vejle Book), 2010
In Vejlebogen, the journalist Vibeke Kruse tells the fairy tale about the small cake factory that became a major food company:

In 1951, when Inga Christensen baked her first cookies for sale, she unwittingly started a business fairy tale of international dimensions. Inga’s Småkager, which later became known as Ingadane, was the modest beginning of the current international food company Good Food Group. 

When the cookie fairy tale started, Inga was 29 years old and a housewife on Ribevej 1 in Vejle, where she was the centre of the family, which consisted of her husband Peter, who had trained as a baker and worked as a baker’s assistant, and their only child, Otto, born in 1950. It was a coincidence that gave Inga the idea to start baking cookies to sell. A former family lodger had left flour, sugar and baking equipment that he had planned to use to bake products for export. However, he didn’t have the money to realise his plan, so he left it all behind. 

In 1971, 20 years after Inga started baking at home in her gas oven, her son Otto joined the family business. As a young, newly trained baker, he brought energy and lots of new ideas for turning the artisanal bakery business into a modern cake factory. In 1975 the company started exporting cookies throughout Scandinavia. In 1978 Otto Christensen took over the management, and the company changed its name to Ingadane, since all the cookies were now sold for export.

Between 1977 and 1986 the company became Denmark’s largest exporter of cookies. In 1986 Ingadane was sold to a competitor, and shortly afterwards Otto Christensen threw himself into new activities. He bought the Hornbech jam factory in Hadsund and founded the company Good Food, which it is still called today. This was the start of a long process that would turn the small factory into an international food business, which today is among the largest food companies in Denmark. Until January 2019 the Group was operated by the second and third generation. Today it is owned by Maj Invest. 


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