Press release

Good Food Group has taken over the activities of the company Woodland Wonders Organics ApS – natural, organic and tasty baby food products produced in Denmark.

The organic baby food segment is growing rapidly worldwide, and the acquisition of the assets of Woodland Wonders Organics will provide us with a strong foundation for value-based brand sales across both new and existing markets.

The products (baby porridge and fruit bars) are already produced at JAN Import in Hadsund as commercial products, but through the business transfer we now also get the rights to Woodland Wonders Organics’ brand, designs, packaging, websites, etc. – and all sales activities in Woodland Wonders Organics. The takeover will officially take place on 1st February 2021.

The Woodland Wonders baby porridge is made with wholesome oats and yummy fruits – nothing else, and it differs from competing products by simply using natural oat flour and dried fruit, and it therefore has a natural taste and nutrition without being heavily processed.

In connection with the transfer of activities, Christina Hansen, founder and former owner of Woodland Wonders Organics ApS, will join our company to secure the smooth transfer and further brand/product/concept development of the business.

The Woodland Wonders brand and products have great sales and development potential, and we strongly believe that with this acquisition we can further value-adding of our current oats, grains and nuts business.  

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