The taste of holiday in Denmark

Walks along the white sand of the North Sea, the smell of the fresh sea and the warm kiss of the sun on your cheek - these are memories of a holiday in Denmark. Memories of picnics in the wild nature of the dunes. Memories of sun-ripened strawberries with cream. We have encapsulated the taste of these memories of Danish summer in the products from Christians Grød.

Christians Grød has been produced in Denmark for more than 40 years and today has a wide range of fruit porridge, dessert sauces, marmalade and honey. Delicious high quality products to enjoy on holiday and at home.

Christians Grød is sold in Germany - especially northern Germany - and can be found in the vast majority of German supermarkets.

Fruit porridge and dessert sauce is the trademark of Christians Grød. The inspiration comes from the Danish summer dessert "Rød grød med fløde". Today, Christians Grød fruit porridge is available in many varieties ranging from strawberry, cherry and kiwi to the classic red porridge, which is a mix of flavourful red berries.

All fruit porridge flavours are delicious with cream or milk. You can also treat your taste buds a little extra and top the fruit porridge with the creamy Christians Grød dessert sauce. The dessert sauce is also ideal on top of fresh berries.

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