It's cute enough as it is

There is plenty of sweetness in the fruits and berries. So there's no need to add a lot of sugar to something that's deliciously sweet as it is. Streamline jams contain 30% less sugar than regular jams and preserves. We even put 40% more fruit in our jams and at least 60% more in our marmalades.

Streamline jams and preserves are just as sweet as other products, just not as sugary. And because health is more than just cutting back on sugar, you won't find any artificial flavours or colours in our products either.


The right fruit every time

Streamline jams and preserves are made according to a recipe that has been passed down through 3 generations. The ingredients are mixed in large traditional kettles and a combination of modern technology and classic techniques ensures that we achieve the best taste and texture. It's a craft that takes time, but the slow cooking ensures we can preserve the juicy fruit's texture and all its natural flavour.

Because we're so focused on choosing the right fruits and berries, all our fruit can be traced back to the field it came from.


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