Your professional business partner

At Good Food Group, we value close dialogue with our customers. As your professional business partner, we work dedicatedly to meet their wishes and needs so that we can add new depth and extra value to our service offerings. Therefore, our team of competent consultants is always ready for a professional dialogue about your wishes.

In addition to our branded range, we're ready to work with you to create bespoke products and application-specific solutions that can take your consumer offering to new heights.

Please contact us if you have a need for developing new bakery products, testing ingredients or if you want a dialogue about the possibility of further developing existing products.


Wide range of bakery products

We offer a wide range of products targeted professional kitchens. Our bakery range consists of everything from fruit-based products, dairy alternatives and honey to dressings, specialities and frozen and freeze-dried fruit.

We develop the products in close cooperation with our customers, and if you have special wishes, our team of competent consultants is ready to have a professional and technical talk about your possibilities.

High professionalism

Your professional business partner

At Good Food Group, we value close dialogue with our customers. As your professional business partner, we are dedicated to meeting the wishes and needs that we see in the market - both among our Danish and foreign customers. That is why our team of competent consultants is always ready for a professional dialogue about your wishes.

We have our finger on the pulse of new trends and tendencies - also in the development of professional solutions for the bakery area, and we work passionately to meet every need in the professional kitchen.

Please contact us if you have a need for the development of new bakery products, or if you want a dialogue about the possibility of further developing existing products.

On this website, you can find great inspiration on how to use our products and how you can benefit from them in your professional kitchen. Our range of bakery products is wide and opens up a world of possibilities for creating dishes rich in good taste and with just the right aesthetic expression.

fruit-based products

The natural way to fresh sweetness

Our fruit-based products are produced to European standards and we are constantly working to train our fruit growers in harvesting methods, soil management and best practice.

Our involvement in the growing methods allows us to sort and select the berries used in our jams and marmalades, ensuring appropriate fruit size and quality.

All our fruit-based products are carefully produced according to Danish recipes, ensuring good quality products with a high fruit content. Our range is wide and meets every need in the professional kitchen.

Practical and flexible packaging also makes transporting the products easier, whatever the destination.

dairy alternatives

The plant-based alternative to cream

Our dairy alternatives and Soft Ice & Shake mixes are based on vegetable oil and can be used instead of or in addition to cream. Scandic Food supplies these products to customers in over 60 countries and thousands of tonnes are sold worldwide each year. The products are ideal for professional use in the foodservice segment due to their many benefits:

  • Large volume - when whipped, it can achieve twice the volume of whipped cream.
  • Stable foam - it increases the stability of the foam from hours up to days.
  • No whey excretion - no water discharge.
  • Freeze- and thaw-stable when whipped.
  • Can be combined with cream.
  • Flexible packing with 500 ml and up to 1000 l.
  • Option of Tetra Edge with Re-cap solution - this is both practical and takes food safety into account.
  • Ideal for cooking - acid resistant and less likely to burn to the pan.
  • The Soft Ice and & Shake mixes are ready to use - open and pour them into the coffee machine. It has a slower meltdown due to the vegetable fat.
  • Longer shelf life - up to 12 months due to UHT treatment and aseptic packaging.
  • The whipped topping can be stored at up to 18 degrees, while for the cooking base it is up to 20 degrees at a constant temperature.
  • Whipped toppings should be refrigerated at least 24 hours before use and at 5 degrees.

Honey - the world's oldest sweetener

Honey is 100% natural and is produced by busy honeybees that collect pollen and nectar from flowering trees and plants. Honey contains minerals, proteins, amino acids and enzymes.

Good Food Group processes the raw honey by selecting different types of honey for different blends and packages. The honey is then filtered and mixed with other types to achieve the specific flavour and colour that the customer wants.

Good Food Group strictly complies with EU legislation for the treatment and processing of both the solid and the clear honey. Nothing may be added or taken out of the honey.

In most recipes, honey can be substituted for sugar. For example, liquid honey works well as a sweetener on breakfast cereals, pancakes, ice cream and desserts, in marinades for salads, potatoes and other vegetables, and for various types of meat.

Glycose and syrup

Glycose and syrup are alternative carbohydrates and have wide applications in the food industry. You can use syrup for desserts, ice cream, cakes and on top of your breakfast cereals as well as a substitute for sugar when baking.

Icing sugar

Icing sugar is ideal for decorating cakes and desserts, and as a professional it allows you to create decorations.

The product comes in a handy piping bag. It is thus easy to apply and can be used directly. It can be frozen and is thaw-stable.

Useful and flexible packaging also makes it easier to transport these products to any destination.

dried fruits

Dried fruit from Europe's fruit and vegetable garden

Poland is known as the fruit and vegetable garden of Europe. Since 1996, the Good Food Group in Poland has been a major supplier of various types of frozen fruit as well as freeze-dried and pickled vegetables. Our two modern factories are located close to the agricultural areas, which creates the best opportunities to supply fresh and high quality products. Advanced technology and quality control systems ensure reliable delivery and high quality products from both partner companies and external customers.

Passion for organics

Organic food production

We are extremely proud of our home country Denmark, which has the largest organic market share in the world at 14% (Statistics Denmark 2020). Many foods have a much higher organic market share, for example oatmeal which is as high as 47.2% (GFK ConsumerScan 2020). For us, this means that we have long experience in producing organic food and ingredients.

The organic market continues to grow globally and we are ready to supply our customers worldwide with our highest quality organic products.


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Organic & plant-based food joy


Organic & plant-based food joy

Our goal is to make it even easier for you to make green, tasteful choices, which is why you can read more about our green solutions here, as well as the different labels you'll find on our products and what they mean for each product.


A production built on quality


A production built on quality

Good Food is committed to quality and requires production units to be certified to the highest food safety standards. Read more about our long-standing production below.


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