Dairy alternatives with first-class functionality

Danica's product range consists of a number of dairy alternatives produced from a blend of vegetable oils and milk fat. Danica's products can be used instead of or in addition to cream. The focus of Danica's product development has always been quality and product functionality that goes beyond the properties of animal cream. Therefore, Danica can today offer dairy alternatives with a wide range of functionalities that cover the needs of most chefs and pastry chefs.


Beautiful cakes and creamy filling

Danica's Sweetwhip and Caterwhip products are designed to make perfect decorations on your cakes as well as to make airy creamy fillings for cakes and desserts. The product range includes both sweet and unsweetened flavours, all with a creamy taste. The products can be whipped at both low and high speed and can achieve a whipped volume of up to 400%. The whipped cream stays fresh and crisp for several days without collapsing as is often the case with whipped cream. Sweetwhip flavours are also a great base for ice cream.


Creamy tasty sauces

Danica Cuisine is unsweetened dairy alternatives developed for cooking. The products are known for their high quality and unique creamy taste as well as stable functionality. The product range includes variants with fat content from 15-30%, each with its own specific properties. Danica Cuisine 15% has a lightness that lends itself well to soups, for example. Danica Cuisine 20% has a unique texture. It is an all-round base that lends itself well to all hot dishes. Danica Cuisine Duo 30% has a thick extra creamy texture that is perfect for sauces. It boils down like regular cream and stable in all dishes even with added lemon, wine and tomatoes.

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