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Outside Denmark, we call Skælskør Frugtplantage Danish Garden. It is the same good quality and taste, but in the Danish Garden range you will find more than fruit and berry products, including Danish Honey.

Based on our years of experience and great love for the raw materials, we select the best ingredients - and you can taste it in every product from Danish Garden. When new products are developed, it is still based on the old virtues and the good Danish craftsmanship. Our beautiful, colourful and tasty jams and fruit porridges are available in a variety of flavours, all produced in Denmark and often adapted to the markets they are sold in.


The taste of pure nature

Danish Garden's products are based on pure, natural taste. Our jams are available with different fruit contents. Our Delux series consists of a range of jams with 70% fruit and berry content. They have a perfectly balanced taste. As something completely unique, we also have "100% preserves", which are selected jams with 100% fruit and berry content, nothing else. Several of our products are also labelled with either the Danish or the European organic label.

We aim to minimise the use of preservatives and focus on enhancing the natural flavours and aromas of the fruit and berries.


Royal court supplier

At Danish Garden and Skælskør Frugtplantage we have a strong passion for creating jam and fruit porridge of the highest quality. We build on a long history where quality and craftsmanship are deeply rooted in the way we operate. We are therefore also proud that since 1960 we have been selected as a Supplier to the Royal Danish Court - a title that is binding and is re-evaluated by the Court every 5 years. A total of 102 Danish and 5 foreign companies have today been awarded the title of "Supplier to the Royal Danish Court."

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