Behind the taste

The spicy taste

In fact, the taste is strong not a basic taste at all. It's defined as a mouthfeel - the sensation of a rush in the nose, mouth and throat when you eat chilli or a strong mustard, for example. Spicy is an important element to include when composing a dish, as strong spices and ingredients can help bring out the other flavours more clearly. The key is to dose the hot spices correctly, where adding too much will cause the hot flavours to overpower everything else.

It is best to taste the dish a little at a time and remember that it varies a lot how strong a chili or mustard is, and that it is individual how much it takes before it feels too strong for each person. So tread carefully and add a little at a time when working with the strong spices.


Strong, spicy, hot - if you want to add extra edge and kick to your flavour, there are many strong options to choose from. Add a little at a time so the flavours don't overpower the others.

5 basic flavours - and one extra!

The basic flavours are the foundation of the tasting, and in addition to the 5 basic flavours you can also work with the flavour "strong", which can help to enhance the other flavours if dosed correctly.

Turn the wheel and get inspired to work with the basic flavours and complete the taste experience of your food!